Human-Machine Interaction

The Phenomenon of Interaction in Human-Machine Interaction

Friedrich O., Wolkenstein A. (2021). Ethical Issues of Neurotechnologies and Artificial Intelligence. In: Friedrich O., Wolkenstein A., Bublitz C., Jox RJ., Racine E. (eds.): (Clinical) Neurotechnology meets Artificial Intelligence: Philosophical, ethical, legal and social implications. Heidelberg: Springer. Bild: Springer

Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) is becoming increasingly important in view of recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI), certain neuro- and self-tracking technologies, or social robots. This implies fundamental changes in social life. In addition to the industry, military and transportation sectors, it is particularly the field of medicine where radical changes are taking place. For instance, the traditional understanding of the physician-patient relationship is being challenged, where an increasing intimacy, or even fusion, of patients and certain technologies becomes possible. Against this background, the Emmy Noether Research Group examines the phenomenon of interaction in medical human-machine interactions with regard to its qualitative novelties as well as effects on the individual and social level. In our research we pay special attention to the changes and implications that result from the use of AI. This will contribute to the philosophy and ethics of technology in the field of HMI and of AI.

The first two workshops of the research project, "On Humans and Machines. Human Machine-Interactions in digital_cultures" (in cooperation with the research cluster "digital_culture") and “(Unintended) Information in Human-Machine Interaction” (in cooperation with the Institute of Ethics, History and Theory of Medicine, LMU Munich and the research cluster "digital_culture") will take place in March and April 2021.

Please find further information: Call for Papers for the Topical Collection "Information in Interactions between Humans and Machines".

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