Research focus of the chair

The research of the chair deals primarily with questions in the areas of monetary foreign trade, international financial markets and monetary policy transmission.

General focuses are mainly in the econometric analysis and forecasting of exchange rate developments along with the modeling of macroeconomic expectation formation. In the context of econometric analysis, the modeling of model- and parameter uncertainty is of central importance.

The current research is increasingly devoted to the modeling of uncertainty and expectation formation. Using survey data from the providers Concensus Economics, Bluechip Indicators and FX4casts, both individual and aggregated expectations are analyzed. A central concern here is a deeper understanding of the determinants and implications of expectation uncertainty for different variables and different horizons.

Another current research project deals with the effects of international capital movements, taking into account monetary policy impulses and global interdependencies. In this context we are investigating, for example, the extent to which developing and emerging countries benefit from global capital traffic. The chair's publications provide an insight into current and past research activities.