Support for Research


This page provides a brief overview of the services available to support researchers at the FernUniversität in Hagen, as well as support for scholars in the early phases of their careers.

The Unit for Research and Graduate Service is happy to advise and assist you throughout the process of planning and implementing your research project as well as securing funding from national, European, and international funding programs.

If you have any questions or if we can assist you further, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find an overview of the relevant contact person for each program on our German-language site.

Unit for Research and Graduate Service (German)

  • The FernUniversität’s Internal Research Funding Program 2016-2020 offers measures to support a wide range of research activities at every academic career phase. The goals of the program include:

    • Supporting innovative and cooperative research
    • Providing researchers with the necessary time and freedom to perform research
    • Ensuring that new generations of researchers receive high-quality training
    • Supporting and recognizing acquisition of third-party funding
    • Strengthening Hagen as a research location and promoting the public visibility of the FernUniversität as a research university
    • Creating an environment which promotes and supports research

    More details about the FernUniversität’s internal funding measures as well as relevant points of contact and application processes can be found on our German-language site.

    Internal Research Funding (German)

  • There are a variety of funding bodies which offer financial support for research projects, academic conferences, research abroad, and establishing research cooperations. In addition to federal and state funding, funding is available from the European Union as well as other funding bodies such as foundations. You can find an overview of major funding bodies as well as databases where you can research opportunities for funding on our German-language website.

    External Research funding (German)

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Service for External Funding

The Service for External Research Funding offers advice about the right funding program for your project idea and support with any questions about preparing your application. After a successful application, they also support you with carrying out your project.

Service for External Research Funding (German)

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Academic Publication

Learn about Open Access publication and your options for financing the publication of your research.

Academic Publication (German)

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Equal Opportunities

Learn about instruments and programs to help you put equal opportunity in academia into practice.

Equal Opportunities (German)