Research in the Faculties

Torsten Silz, Jörg Koch

Research at the FernUniversität covers a variety of topics and forms, ranging from theoretical to applied research. These research activities ensure that teaching at the FernUniversität reflects the cutting edge of knowledge in the field while also providing the basis for training a new generation of researchers.

Research is a cornerstone of the FernUniversität’s institutional identity and the topics reflect the full spectrum of academic disciplines at the FernUniversität. Research at the FernUniversität is embedded in the traditions of the respective fields and networked on both a national and international level.

You can find summaries of the research activities, projects, publications, etc. of the individual faculties and cross-faculty institutes on their respective webpages:


Faculties of the FernUniversität


Cross-Faculty Research Institutes


Information about Research Activities

You can find more detailed information about the wide variety of research activities at the FernUniversität on the web pages of the individual faculties, institutes, and chairs. Here are a few starting points:

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