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The Research Cluster „Digitalization, Diversity and Lifelong Learning – Consequences for Higher Education“ (D²L²) is the only so called "central research institution" at the FernUniversität in Hagen.

We are concerned with assessing the consequences and general framework of digitization in the higher education landscape.

Our scientific goal is to characterize diversity with respect to the whole range of education-relevant variables. In addition to the classical socio-demographic components, this includes, for example, individual prior knowledge, the ability to self-regulate and self-control, and the question of how diverse an optimal group must be set up. In addition, theory-based research will be promoted: The focus will be on how digital technologies can be used to respond adaptively to an increasing diversity of students in personalized teaching/learning scenarios.

The detailed scientific framing at the current status is described in the first report on the research cluster linked to at the bottom of this page (pdf-document).

Scientists from various disciplines of FernUniversität and associated faculty cooperate to adress these issues from educational, psychological, economic, business informatics, legal and computer science perspectives.

To complement our competences, we cooperate with other relevant institutions in the field such as DFKI, DIE, HIIG or Humboldt Universität zu Berlin.

In July 2019 we published a detailed printed report in German that shows how the research in D²L² is currently conceived, how concrete scientific goals are formulated in initial projects, and, to some extent how corresponding research has already begun. Please contact the office if you would like us to send you an copy.

summary of the report (PDF 463 KB)

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Dr. Stephanie Steimann

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Kathrin Nierstenhöfer

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